mod-xslt2 Users and Administrators Manual

Carlo Contavalli

Date: 2013/04/25 23:57:16

mod-xslt2 is a web server module able to transform xml documents in any format using xslt stylesheets. It implements server side transformation of xslt stylesheet.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Installation
2.1. Prerequisites
2.1.1. Apache 2.{1,2}.x
2.2. Quick start
2.3. Configure parameters
2.3.1. Installation related parameters
2.3.2. Compilation related parameters
2.3.3. SAPI Specific configure parameters
3. mod-xslt2 Setup and Usage
3.1. Apache 2.x.x
3.1.1. Configuring Apache 2.x for mod-xslt
3.1.2. mod-xslt Configuration parameters
3.1.3. Apache 2.x.x, mod-xslt and PHP4
4. Writing XML for mod-xslt2
4.1. XSLT Parameters
4.2. mod-xslt2 Extensions
4.2.1. header-set
4.2.2. value-of - modxslt expressions
4.2.3. Verifying availability of mod-xslt2 extensions
4.3. Setting the Content-Type (MIME type) of the parsed document
4.4. Choosing the stylesheet to use
4.4.1. xml-stylesheet and modxslt-stylesheet
4.5. Using external DTDs
4.6. Testing xml files and stylesheets from the command line
4.6.1. xsltproc
4.6.2. modxslt-parse
4.6.3. rxp
4.7. Other tools provided
4.7.1. modxslt-perror
4.7.2. modxslt-config
5. Security considerations
5.1. Variables substitution
5.2. Avoiding deadlocks under heavy loads
5.3. Avoiding remote URLs in substitutions
6. Reporting BUGS / Helping out the project
7. License, copyright and...

1. Introduction

mod-xslt2 is a server side module able to transform ``xml'' documents in ``html'' (or any other format). mod-xsl2 can bew used with most apache version, including the now obsolete 1.3 and most 2.X branches.

mod-xslt2 main features include:

This module is almost a complete rewrite of the original ``mod-xslt'' written by Philipp Dunkel, containing many improvements, a more generic API, a whole set of new and flexible features and the correction of some bugs that were found in the original sources.

The build system has also been completely rewritten and a whole set of new documentation included in the original package.