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mod-xslt FAQ

version 0.1.12

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1.5 Configure complains about libxml2 not providing ``setGlobalState'', by printing a message like ``Your libxml2 does not provide a setGlobalState'', what's wrong?

Althought libxml2 is thread safe and libxslt is not very thread sensitive, they both suffer some problems if used ``from modules'' by web servers like apache or apache2 (take a look to the thread on the libxml and libxslt mailing lists).

mod-xslt tries to lessen the impact of libxml/libxslt lack of support for modularized environments by trying to use some libxml2 internal functions.

The message just warns you that some compatibility layers have been enabled since some of the needed functions were missing. If you want to get rid of the warning, please patch the library (read README-Patches.sgml). Most of the times, you can just ignore this message since the ``compatibility layer'' will take care of everything.

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