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mod-xslt FAQ

version 0.1.12

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1.7 You lyar! You told me mod-xslt was able to parse dynamically generated .xml documents, using dinamically generated .xsl files, but it doesn't work...

By default, mod-xslt will try to fetch any external entity using directly the file system (which is kind of faster). However, if the file system is used, php, perl, ssi, are not parsed and the document is used raw as it is.

If you want to use dynamically generated stylesheets, use a http:// or local:// url, so mod-xslt will load the document by asking the web server for it.

If you want to use dynamically generated xml files, tell mod-xslt about that. To know how, take a deeper look to the manual. It seems like you need it.

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