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mod-xslt FAQ

version 0.1.12

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2General usage issues
2.1 I get almost a completely blank page with mod-xslt, but I get the correct output with xsltproc. What am I doing wrong?
2.2 I often see in my logs errors like ``missing DTD''. However, I get this error only for certain documents. What's going on?
2.3 The media-type attribute of xsl:output seems to be ignored by mod-xslt .. what can I do?
2.4 Some errors in my .xslt documents cause a ``500'' status page while others cause a partial output (like half a html page) to be generated. How come? Is this a bug? Is this correct?
2.5 My .xml document is not parsed, I get a 500 Server Error. I can see some wierd errors in the log about my DTDs, but the document is ``valid''. What can I do?
2.6 I'm using XSLTSetStylesheet and XSLTDefaultStylesheet from my web server configuration files, but I keep getting errors like: fatal - no <?xml-stylesheet or <?modxslt-stylesheet found in ... what am I doing wrong?
2.7 What's the difference between XSLTSetStylesheet and XSLTDefaultStylesheet?
2.8 Uhm... in the log, I see tons of messages like: mod_xslt: xsltApplyOneTemplate: fallback was not compiled what does this mean?
2.9 I'm having a hard time matching regular expressions which use the ``&'' character as separator (instead of the standard ``/''), what can I do?
2.10 How can I change the mime type (Content-Type) of the documents returned back by mod-xslt?
2.11 Uhm... file://, http://localhost/... why bothering with local://?
2.12 I often get Segmentation Faults while using mod-xslt... what can I do?
2.13 What's the difference between XSLTAddFilter and XSLTAddForce?
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