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mod-xslt FAQ

version 0.1.12

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4General web server issues
4.1 My xml files are correctly parsed by mod-xslt when the stylesheet is fetched from the local filesystem, while an error is printed if they are fetched using an ``http://'' or ``local://'' url. What can I do?
4.1 Uhm... I get errors about a stylesheet not being loadable, but both the document and the stylesheet are valid. What can I do?
4.1 I get a 500 error page, even if both the document and the stylesheet are valid. What's wrong?
4.1 Apache is trying to parse my .xslt stylesheet as being a normal xml file, returning an error. What can I do?
4.1 When parsing .xml files, mod-xslt complains with (apparentely) no reason for a ``subrequest failed'', and returns a 500 error page. What can I do?
4.2 A document using local:// url doesn't seem to work, even though the .xml file and .xsl file look ok. I see strange error messages in the logs. What can I do?
4.3 I have troubles using mod_xslt. I can see error reports in the error log, but I really can't understand what ``errno: x'' means...
4.4 My browser complains about receiving an invalid .xml document. Shouldn't mod-xslt take care of parsing the .xml in html? Why does it still get .xml?
4.4 My xml files are parsed correctly, but the generated output contains the xml header <?xml version="1.0" ... ?> How do I get rid of that header?
4.4 When I try to access a document parsed by mod-xslt using my browser, I get an error like ``XML Parsing Error''. What can I do to solve the problem?
4.5 I have installed mod_xslt correctly, but every time I try to access a particular page I get a ``Server Error'' (500 server status). How come?
4.6 I don't usually have any problem using mod-xslt. However, I sometimes (apparently randomly) get a ``Server Error'' when trying to access a particular php/perl/... document. What can I do?
4.7 I have some xml documents using a given xslt. The xslt exists and the paths are all correct, however, I keep getting a ``Server Error'', (500 server status), even if the documents are all valid. What can I do?
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