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Users and Administrators Manual

Author:  Carlo Contavalli 
Date: 2013/04/25 23:57:16

mod-xslt2 is a web server module able to transform xml documents in any format using xslt stylesheets. It implements server side transformation of xslt stylesheet.

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    mod-xslt2 is a server side module able to transform ``xml'' documents in ``html'' (or any other format). mod-xsl2 can bew used with most apache version, including the now obsolete 1.3 and most 2.X branches.

    mod-xslt2 main features include:

    • ability to transform dynamically generated xml (ability to parse the output of php or perl scripts).

    • ability to use ``xslt'' stylesheets indicated via the <?xml-stylesheet processing instruction.

    • ability to send back the xml file unparsed to the browser.

    • ability to fetch xslt or DTDs from scripts rather than from static files.

    • ability to fetch a different xslt depending on the content of the request headers, of the get parameters or the web server environment.

    • ability to allow xslt stylesheets to make use of these variables to generate output.

    This module is almost a complete rewrite of the original ``mod-xslt'' written by Philipp Dunkel, containing many improvements, a more generic API, a whole set of new and flexible features and the correction of some bugs that were found in the original sources.

    The build system has also been completely rewritten and a whole set of new documentation included in the original package.

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