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Users and Administrators Manual

Author:  Carlo Contavalli 
Date: 2013/04/25 23:57:16

mod-xslt2 is a web server module able to transform xml documents in any format using xslt stylesheets. It implements server side transformation of xslt stylesheet.

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    To report a bug, just drop a mail to one of the mod-xslt mailing lists. This version of mod-xslt is quite new, and has been used on few platforms and operative systems... so, it is very important to us to get bug reports and users feedback, so please make sure, if you find a bug to drop us a mail.

    If you do so, please include as much information as you have: something like ``it doesn't work'' does not help us much in fixing the problem. What does not work? Can you configure it? Compile it? Install it? How did you configure Apache? How can you say it does not work? Are you trying to access a document on your web server? Which document? Under which folder? What kind of document is that? Is it a POST request or a GET request? Is it a static document or a dynamic one? Does it use DTDs? How is the xslt referenced? What do the logs say? ...

    Sometimes, it may be useful to have the .xml you used at hand, some other times it may be useful to get a dump of your client connection. In the first case, just attach your xml file. In the second, run something like ``tcpdump -nei eth0 -s 8192 -w ./file.dump host yourclientipaddress and port 80'' to get a trace in ``file.dump''.

    If you want to help mod-xslt development, just drop us a mail in one of the mailing lists. We are always happy to get new hands at work.

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