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Credits and contributions

Learn about the history of mod-xslt and the people who, over time, contributed to the creation of a server side xsl transformation engine for apache.

The following people contributed to the rewrite of mod-xslt2:
Carlo Contavalli <ccontavalli at mod-xslt2.com>
Wrote most of the code of the new mod-xslt2 version. The whole project to rewrite mod-xslt and most of the features that have been added are his ideas.
Philipp Dunkel <philipp at dunkel.org>

He made available the original codebase. Huge thanks go to him.

Josh Nutzman <nutzman at users.sourceforge.net>
Tom Murray <yozhik at users.sourceforge.net>

For allowing me to continue their effort for mod-xslt on sourceforge.net, and for working on a great release of mod-xslt early in 2001.

Marco Merlin <mmerlin at masobit.net>

For providing many xslt and xml files to test mod-xslt2 with and for pointing out many on-the-field problems. He is also the one who designed the interface of this web site. Thanks!

Gianni Carabelli <gcarabelli at masobit.net>

For massively testing mod-xslt2 and for pointing out pieces of broken code in the mime-type handling, PHP error handling, cookies & headers management, inclusion of external entities and xslt, variables and expressions handling. Well, he probably had fun playing with mod-xslt2 :-).

Andrea Ciancone <aciancone at masobit.net>

Took care of the testing of the first releases, pointing out some flaws and helping out the design of new features.

Riccardo Setti <giskard at autistici.org>

For setting this site up, creating the mailing lists, for installing mod-xslt2 on many servers, and for pointing out some problems in the configure script and Makefiles.

Peter Svanberg <psv at nada.kth.se>

Provided updated nanohttp patch for libxml 2.6.16 and some useful feedbacks about running mod-xslt on SunOS.

The whole Masobit staff

For helping me out, for letting me work on this project (while I should have been working for their customers) and for providing resources to the project.

The following people were listed in the original mod-xslt ``THANKS'' file since they contributed to the project by suggesting improvements or by submitting code:
NISHIMURA Hideki <hideki at westvil.net>

Thanks a lot for pointing out some serious flaws. (And sending patches. You are a developers dream)

OLIVEIRA Ricardo <ricardo.oliveira at whatevernet.com>

For being one of the more sturdy Alpha Testers

KEW Nick <nick at webthing.com>

For making me conciously justify my design decisions. And for stealing some of my code boosting my ego in the process ;->

Ville Skytta <ville.skytta at iki.fi>

For making the build process a lot better (Huge THANKS)

Gennady Feldman <gena01 at gena01.com>

The one who has provided me with the most patches to date, who has extended functionality, and who has become a sourceforge.net project member!!!

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