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About this site

This site is written in xml, using a subset of docbook, a few xsl stylesheets, and mod-xslt to transform the xml pages into html.

The feel of the web site is provided by a set of simple xsl stylesheets and xml configurations which are applied on the fly by mod-xslt.

You can learn more about this web site by looking at the source code, released under the terms of the GPL license.

If you have questions about the stylesheets or how to use them, please use the mailing list.

Over the past few years, this same set of xsl stylesheet was used to build several other sites, some of which are:

Getting started is pretty easy: fill in the .xml files, write your content, and if you want, personalize the stylesheets.

Debian GNU
Apache Project
Gnome libxml2
Gnome libxslt
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